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Faces of the Florizel - 100th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibit

Admiralty House Communications Museum is looking for relatives of passengers and crew members from the SS Florizel’s final journey.

On February 23, 1918 the SS Florizel left St. John’s for what would be its last journey. What was supposed to be a routine trip from St. John’s to Halifax and then to New York ended in tragedy. Blizzard conditions and miscommunication between the bridge and the engine room caused the vessel to crash into the rocks near Cappahayden, Newfoundland. Of the 137 souls on board, only 44 survived. 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the wreck of the SS Florizel, and Admiralty House Communications Museum is creating a new exhibit titled “Faces of the Florizel.”

We are looking for relatives of passengers and crew members from the SS Florizel’s last trip, as well as relatives of those involved with the rescue attempts.

Below is a list of the passengers on the Florizel's last voyage. If you any information regarding one of these individuals please contact us at (709) 748-1124 or by email at


A. Ledingham
Ralph Burnham
Joseph Stockley
Major Sullivan
John J.Cleary
William A. Parmiter
J. P. Kieley
William Dodd
W.N. Dauphinee
Arch. Gardner
A.G. Fagan
D. Griffiths
Miss. Catherine (Kitty) Cantwell
Minnie Denief
Thomas Whelan
G. M. Mullowney
J. G. Sparrow
Captain Wm. Martin
Chief Officer W. James
3rd Officer Philip Jackman
2nd Engineer T. Lumsden
3rd Engineer E. Collier
4th Engineer H. Taylor
Cecil Carter, Marconi Operator
B. J. Murphy, Assistant Marconi Operator
Michael Power, Bosun
Jacob Pinsent, Carpenter
John Johnson, Pantry Waiter
James Dwyer, Waiter
Jos. Moore, Cook
Fred Roberts, Waiter
Edward Timmons, Oiler
John Davis, Oiler
A. Hatchard, Sailor
Hy. Dodd, Waiter
Alex. Fleet, Waiter
W. Dooley, Sailor
Joseph Burry, Sailor
Thomas Greene, Sailor
George Curtis, Gunner
Henry Snow, Waiter
Charles Reelis, Waiter
Jose Fernandez, Fireman
Wm. Molloy, Sailor


Mr. Edward William Stevenson
F. C. Smythe
William Chesley Butler
William F. Butler
Mrs. Minnie Ellis Butler
Edgar Froude
Robert Wright
James Daley
Thomas McMurdo McNeil
Patrick Laracy
James McCoubrey
James Miller
Annie Dalton
Mabel Barrett
James H. Baggs
Frank Chown
Edward Berteau
Newman Sellars
Charles H. Miller
Fred W. Snow
John (Jack) Carnell Parsons
William J. Moore
Michael Connolly
John Connolly
Gerald St. John
William Earle
Miss Beaumont
Miss Evelyn Trenchard
John. S. Munn
Miss Betty Munn
Michael O’Driscoll
George Massie, Scotland
Mrs. George Massie
Catherine Massie
W. E. Bishop, Burin
George Parmiter, Hr. Grace
Charles Moulton
Geo. A. Moulton, St. John’s
Capt. O. P. Belleveau, Nova Scotia
Capt. Joseph William Kean, St. John’s
Joseph Maloney
Mrs. Joseph Maloney
Jack Maloney
William Guzzwell
Patrick J. Fitzpatrick, Argentia
Andrew Power
J. Costello, Conception Harbour
Miss Elizabeth Ellen Pelley, Smith’s Sound
Edward Greening, Bonavista
Peter Guilfoyle, Hr. Grace
George Long, St. John’s
Leon Nicholle/Leonard Nicholl
R. J. Fowler, Cupids
Walter J. Richards, LeHave, N.S.
Herbert Piercey, Western Bay
Charles Howell, Trinity
George Puddister, Bay Bulls
John Lynch
James Crockwell, Bay Bulls
James Bartlett, Bay Roberts
John Forrest, Charlottetown, P.E.I.
John R. King, Second Officer Arichat, Nova Scotia
J.V. Reader, Chief Engineer Halifax, Nova Scotia
Charles Snow, Second Steward St. John’s
Miss Margaret Kehoe, Stewardess St. John’s
Fred Guthrie, Second Cook Liverpool
John L. Mckinnon, Baker Glasgow
Ramon Rez, Messroom, Steward Spain
Patrick Lynch, Waiter St. John’s
Gordon Ivany, Waiter
Austin Whitten, Waiter
Stanley Squires, Waiter
Stanley Foley, Waiter Grey Islands
Michael .L. Dunphy, Waiter St. John’s
Thomas Hennebury, Oiler St. John’s
Alfred Moody, Butcher New Hampshire
George Crocker, Sailor Greenspond
John Lambert, Sailor St. John’s
William Walters, Sailor Trinity
Arthur Gover, Sailor Trinity
Charles Edward Bailey, Sailor Port Rexton
John Power, Sailor Paradise
Tore Scarie, Fireman Spain
Jose Mendez, Fireman Spain
Tomas Garcia, Fireman Spain
Francisco Serno, Fireman Spain
Manuel Taver, Fireman Spain
Manuel Rodriquez, Fireman Spain
Alezandro Garncero, Fireman Spain
Francisco Nartin, Fireman Spain
Gerardo Rodriquez, Fireman Spain
Jose Vila, Fireman Spain
F. Bequira, Fireman Spain
Enrique Rodriquez, Fireman Spain

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