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AFTER 1922

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After 1922

In 1922, the Washington Naval Disarmament Conference Washington Naval Disarmament Conference (a treaty signed between the U.S, Great Britain, Italy, France and Japan to limit naval armament) called for the disbanding of the Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve. The Briton was then no longer needed as a training ship, so she was sold to David Murray for the A.H. Murray company. She was then gable-roofed and used for the next thirty years as a salt and coal storage vessel in St. John's harbour. (Owned by the Welcome Coal Company) Murray got a group of men from South Island in Placentia Bay to come and convert the ship for storage.

In 1952, the HMS Briton departed for Lewisporte where she was to remain. Captain Tom Dower of Grand Falls purchased the ageing vessel in the hope of restoring her to her once proud condition, but the task turned out to be to expensive. At this time, in 1966, it was said to be the oldest of any type of ship in the British Navy still afloat. Later Bruce Parsons tried again, but also found that it was just not feasible. Finally, in 1969, the town decided that the once mighty Calypso was an eyesore and it was towed away to Troake's Cove, Embree to be taken over by a Nova Scotian salvage firm. Though most parts were salvaged and ended up scattered all about, the sad, decrepit remains are there to this day.

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