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Valentine Goodyear

Valentine Goodyear

Valentine Goodyear (Val) was born either on the 8th or 9th of September, 1892. Note that there is some discrepancy as his passport reads September 8th while his certificate book reads September 9th. His place of birth is Carmenville, Fogo and he moved to St. John’s to join the Royal Navy Reserves when he was 19 years old. Valentine learned to read and write aboard the H.M.S. Calypso, which was the main reason he initially joined up. Note that many of his documents found in the diddy box (a box used to keep his possessions) have misspellings as he was in the learning process, the most famous of these being his last name GOODYEAR being spelled as it sounds “Gudger.” His earlier documents have this incorrect spelling. During his naval career he served on the Calypso / Briton, Niobe, Pembroke, Davis II, and the Queen.

medals Valentine’s medals: Star (top), British War Medal (bottom left), Victory Medal (bottom right)

Valentine also worked as a Qualified Seaman during the First World War, from which he received three medals: the Star (1914-1915), the British War Medal (1914-1918) and the Victory Medal (1914-1918).

In 1917 Valentine traveled to Greece aboard the H.M.S. Queen, a battleship in the Mediterranean Sea. During the visit Valentine removed the golden bell of the ship and took it ashore to sell to the merchants in the dead of night. The next morning he alerted the captain that the bell was stolen, thus he was not suspected for the crime. No one ever did find out where the bell had disappeared to and it was years before he told his story.

Valentine learned to swim while traveling in the Mediterranean Sea and his shipmates tossed him overboard with a thick rope tied around his waste. They proceeded to drag him along with the ship until he could stay afloat on his own.

Upon returning in 1919, he married his long time girlfriend Elsie Hallett (24) on June 24th. They later took up residence at 6 Walsh’s Square where Val became an engineer and worked with Harvey’s Butterine Company.

List of Royal Navy Reserve Possessions

  • 1 Ditty Box issued from the H.M.S. Calypso- 1910
  • 1 Death Certificate: Issued by the province of Newfoundland No. 16161-July 23, 1969
  • 1 Marriage Certificate: No. 77 for the union of Valentine Goodyear and Elsie Hallett. Married: June 24, 1919. Married by Edger Jones
  • 1 Certificate of Discharge issued by The Board of Trade No. 28, Dated: November 11, 1918. Place of Discharge - Port Aux Basques
  • 2 “Cut-throat” shaving knives dated 1910, issued on the H.M.S Calypso
  • 1 receipt of $75.00 from Dr. E. F. Moores for professional services of gall bladder removal, Dated: September 30, 1938
  • 1 Royal Navy Savings Bank form, account number 28286
  • 1 Modern Home Supplies LTD. receipt for $100
  • 1 Pair of glasses, Dated 1878
  • 1 Naval Engineer Patch
  • 1 Rifle bullet with removable cap that acts as a pencil
  • 2 keys (unknown origin)
  • 2 Dice, 1 crown and anchor, 1 standard
  • 1 Photo of a Grimsby Trawler
  • 1 Group photo from the Niobe (Val, top left)
  • 1 Photocopy of drill record featuring Valentine Goodyear
  • 1 1898 issue of The Seaman’s Signal Manual
  • 1 Newfoundland Royal Navy Reserve Certificate book No. 876X
  • 1 Newfoundland passport, Dated: 1921

Stamp Collection

  • 2 Sheets of 50 Newfoundland postage stamps (30 cents)
  • 1 Unprinted (2 cents)
  • 4 Vickers Vimy Airmail stamps (50 cents)
  • 2 Only DO.X ($1.00 each)
  • 21 Mathew -1949
  • 2 King Edward (2 cents)
  • 1 25 cent Dominion of Canada note 1923
  • 1 25 cent Dominion of Canada note 1900
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