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Join Admiralty House, AAMP and Morrigan Mystery Evenings on May 29th at The Annex for a mystery game where YOU get to be the detective.
THE PLOT: It's that time again, the annual 'Doories' award ceremony, when our local door-to-door sales people are recognized for their skills, their style and their sales numbers. Every year, the nominees are fiercely determined to win, but this year, the competition might just be DEADLY.
Come learn a bit about each of the nominees, why they think they should get one of the 'Doories', and ask the right questions to find out why their competitors should NOT. If you listen close enough, you might just solve a murder.
THE GAME: When you arrive, you will be seated and the actors will chat with you in character. Feel free to ask them questions about their sales, their personalities and their relationships with the other salespeople. There will be a few scenes performed, but most of the clues are revealed as individual actors interact with you at your table. Take some notes, listen for alibis, clues, and red herrings, and prepare a statement of your suspicions (who committed the crime, how and why) to submit for our prize draw.
Advance Tickets: $15.00
Door Tickets: $20.00
Tickets include food and beverages served by Admiralty House and AAMP. To purchase your tickets in advance, click here and find them under Events and Program Tickets, or come into Admiralty House before 5:00 pm on the 29th.


In celebration of the opening of The Annex, our new performance and exhibition space shared with the Association for the Arts in Mount Pearl, Admiralty House is proud to present our "History meets Art" Speaker Series.
Storytellers, writers, and artists are often inspired by the past and use archival documents, folklore, oral histories, and photographs to craft new creations for the public to enjoy. Admiralty House has invited three speakers to discuss how they have used history and historical research to create their art.



In celebration of Canada 150, Admiralty House and the Association for the Arts in Mount Pearl (AAMP) are proud to host the youth-based art exhibit "Who Are You?: The Youth Perspective on Canadian Identity." Youth between the ages of 14 and 19 are invited to submit an original piece of artwork for display from July 3 to August 25, 2017. Due to the limited space, pieces will be selected for the show based on how well they fit the theme of identity.
For more information on size restrictions and allowed forms of media, as well as to download the submission form, please click here.


Youth Programs

Whether it’s for Guides, Scouts, Cadets or community youth groups, Admiralty House has the perfect activity. Our activities, coupled with a tour of the museum are guaranteed to educate and entertain. Here are the activities that are available and their suitable age group:

Morse Code Mayhem! Ages 5-7 Kids learn Morse code through clapping, stomping and singing, followed with games to get their bodies moving.

Fun with Flags Ages 5-8 The International Code of Signals is easy to learn if you’re spelling your own name. Children spell their names with naval signal flags in a colouring and cutting craft. This activity is best suited for smaller groups of under 20 participants and requires preparation prior to the booked day.

Amateur Radio at Admiralty House Ages 7+ Ever wondered what it would be like to talk to someone across town or even on the other side of the world without a telephone? Now you can find out by booking Amateur Radio at Admiralty House. Groups have a chance to chat over the radio with other amateur radio operators and play games. Note: This activity is volunteers dependent and may not be available on all desired dates.


Canada in 50 Years Ages 9-11 A lot has changed since Newfoundland joined Canada in 1949. Kids get a chance to have their thoughts heard on how Canada will change in the next 50 years by creating collages in groups and presenting to their peers. This activity meets badge requirements for Girl Guides.

Artifact Awareness Ages 11-14 Groups get a behind the scenes look at the museum’s collection while learning about how preserving artifacts and archival material can help us better understand our heritage. This is followed with a hands-on activity where children are taught how to properly handle historical materials, how to photograph them, and what they can learn from physical items of the past.

We are now booking for May and June. Click here to review the available dates.
Don’t see an activity that meets your group’s needs? Contact the Museum Manager to discuss alternatives!

Senior Programs

Seniors’ Tour and Tea is sure to delight all who have an interest in history and a passion for conversation! Groups of seniors can book tours of the museum followed with coffee, teas, and treats. A minimum of 10 people is required for a booking.
Seasonal senior events are available in the summer. Check back for more program opportunities.

Summer Programs

Our summer programs are done for the year. Check back in June 2017 for details on our upcoming programs.

School Programs

Coming Soon!

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