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Red Ensign

Official emblem of Newfoundland before the "Arms of Newfoundland" were revived. A red ensign with the Union Jack in the upper quadrant next to the staff, and the Badge of Newfoundland emblazoned on a circular ground in the center of the flag. The British Admiralty granted the badge in 1827.

Badge of Newfoundland

Consists of a representation of Mercury, the god of commerce and merchandise, presenting to Britannia a fisherman who, in kneeling attitude is affecting the harvest of the sea. Above the device are the words "Terra Nova" meaning Newfoundland, and below "Haec Tibi Dona Fero" - "these gifts I bring to thee".

The badge was redesigned by Adelaide Lane in 1903-04. It was used as a flag of Newfoundland identification in the period before confederation with Canada in 1949. The Flag was found stuffed down in the back of a chair in the former residence in Cappahayden of Mr John Sheehan. Mr Sheehan was a witness of the Florizel disaster he was aged 8 in 1918. An article about John Sheehan was published in the magazine "Decks Awash" in April 1980. In the article he recounts the efforts made by the people of Cappahayden "It was the Cappahayden fishermen who showed the rescuers from other vessel to rig up the lines to haul dories out to the wreck. A lot of rescuers had to be saved by the fishermen after their little boats went bottom up. The sea was not fit to go out in".

Tom and Mary Barnwell purchased the house in the late 1990's when they made the discovery.

Red Ensign and Badge of Newfoundland thought to be from the S.S. Florizel. Found from the former residence of John Sheehan of Cappahayden.
Photo Courstey - Tom Branwell.

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