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Source: The Evening Telegram: March 7th, 1918.

There were 15 articled crew members from Newfoundland on the Florizel that did not survive the disaster. An article appeared in The Evening Telegram calling for some kind of compensation for the families of the lost crew members to help ease their financial situations. The Marine Disaster Fund was established to compensate the Newfoundland families.

A local proprietor, WJ Herder, asked the custodians of the Marine Disaster Fund to publicly disclose how the fund is managed, who has control of the fund, and who has benefitted from the nearly quarter million dollars already raised through donations and subscriptions.

The families of lost crew members who were not from Newfoundland were not included in this article. Herder was unsure of the scope of the Marine Disaster Fund to include families from outside Newfoundland's waters.

Newfoundland crewmembers that did not survive the Florizel disaster:

Charles Snow Second Steward St. John's, NL
Margaret Keough Stewardess St. John's, NL
Thomas Hennebury Oiler St. John's, NL
Gordon Ivany Waiter St. John's, NL
Austin Whitten Waiter St. John's, NL
Stanley Squires Waiter St. John's, NL
Michael Dunphy Waiter St. John's, NL
John Lambert Sailor St. John's, NL
Patrick Lynch Waiter St. John's, NL
Arthur Gover Sailor Trinity, NL
William Walters Sailor Trinity, NL
Charles Bailey Sailor Port Rexton, NL
George Crocker Sailor Greenspond, NL
Stanley Foley Waiter Grey Island, NL
John Power Sailor Paradise, Placentia Bay, NL

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