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News Headlines

"Awful Marine Tragedy Near Cappahayden", was the large caption in the Daily News edition of February 25, 1918. "The S.S. Florizel goes ashore in a Snow Storm and Is a Total Wreck". The Daily News went on to report that there were 138 souls on board and rescue vessels were at the scene. Already bodies were beginning to wash up on shore when the article was written. Some bodies were identified and there were some details filtering through the newswires. Messages sent between the Hon. Tasker Cook and Mr. E.A. Bowring were described and pictures of the Florizel and Captain William Martin were included in the details. Sadly, the tragedy of the Florizel was not front page news. The war in Europe dominated the front page of local papers. The Florizel story was on page four. The Daily News included the first and second-class passenger lists and the crew manifest from Bowring's Red Cross Line records.

The Evening Telegram read, "Awful Marine Tragedy: S.S. Florizel, With 138 Souls on Board, in a Blinding Snowstorm, Crashes in Rocks at Cappahayden and Becomes Total Wreck, Number of Bodies Washed Ashore - Survivors Clinging to Vessel, While Mountainous Seas Sweep Over the Wreck.", on February 25, 1918. The paper also gave out some details of the incident including the passenger and crew manifests from the Bowring Company's records, details of the correspondence between Tasker Cook and E.A. Bowring, mentions of the rescue ships waiting at the wreck site for better weather, and some of the bodies already identified. The Evening Telegram, however, did not include pictures of the Florizel or Captain Martin in its article. Like the Daily News, the Florizel tragedy did not make front-page news in the Evening Telegram.

Both papers, in the following weeks, would give out all of the details of the wreck of the Florizel, including all of the details of the Marine Court of Inquiry held to determine the cause of the tragedy. Not once did any details of the disaster make front-page news. Other papers, such as the New York Sunday World, only mentioned the details from the wreck of the Florizel in small paragraphs located toward the back of the publication.

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