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The erecting staff consisted of around fifty workers, coming from both the Marconi Company and the surrounding local communities. To ensure the competence of the local workers, the Admiralty requested that the local authorities select those from their communities that they felt would be a reliable and trustworthy source of labour.

The Admiralty proposed the building of the wireless station at Mount Pearl in June of 1914. It was made known that the British Admiralty wanted the station to be functional in a year which meant that the erecting staff would be working non-stop to make the request possible. In July of 1915, the building was finally up and running and the majority of those who worked at the station were now finished. Only the temporary operating staff remained, all of whom worked for the Marconi Company on behalf of the British Admiralty. The operating staff consisted of:

  • 1 Engineer-in-Charge, who received naval rank of Sub-Lieutenant R.N.V.R
  • 4 Operators who each received rank of Warrant Telegraphist R.N.R
  • 3 Engine Drivers
  • 1 Engine Fitter
  • 1 Cook-Steward

The temporary operating staff worked at the station until people from the British Admiralty were trained to run the station. Eleven of the twenty-two permanent staff members were enlisted from the Marconi Company into the British Navy so that they could work as operators at the wireless station. The permanent staff consisted of:

  • Officer-in-Charge
  • 1 Warrant Telegraphist
  • 2 P.O Telegraphists
  • 4 Leading Telegraphists
  • 4 Telegraphists
  • 1 Engine room Artificer
  • 1 Electrical Artificer
  • 2 Stokers

The permanent staff lived in the residence buildings that were built on site, located within one hundred feet of the operating building ensuring that staff could easily and quickly move from one building to the next if the need arose.

The following is a list of known staff members of the Mount Pearl Wireless Station:

  • Lieutenant Commander Cyril Fenn
  • Mr. Harter
  • William Alcock x876
  • Nicholas Avery x738
  • Newman Benson x904
  • Richard Bunt
  • George Blunden x876
  • Albert Brushett x925
  • John Curnew x2162
  • James Doody x1624
  • Archrbal Hillier x920
  • Ernest F. Murley x902
  • Charles Saunders x912
  • Arthur Watton x919
  • Theodore Wooldridge x917
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